- Diversity & Inclusion -

We believe great organizations are built by employing the best and brightest people. We are committed to cultivating a diverse, innovative, and inclusive workplace that creates opportunities for our people to maximize their full potential and leverages a performance-based culture that values differences and similarities as well as empowers multiple perspectives. When multiple perspectives are valued and considered, we are poised for greater creativity, enhanced business strategies and development of products and services, and increased employee engagement and collaboration.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy encompasses a variety of efforts, internally and externally, consisting of the following objectives:

Broadening Pipeline Diversity

We partner with our hiring managers and Human Resources teams to develop diversity recruiting and talent management strategies to identify, attract, develop, and retain top talent.

Developing an Inclusive Mindset

We focus on awareness, accountability, and integration of diversity and inclusive practices throughout our organization.

Equal Pay

We believe everyone deserves the same pay for doing the same job, regardless of gender. For every dollar a man earns in the U.S., a woman earns an average of 80 cents. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take more than 200 years to close this wage gap. Consequently, we intentional enforce an equal pay policy.

Investing in Our People

We maximize the full potential of our people by creating opportunities for professional and personal development.

Strengthening Vendor Diversity

We develop a sustainable, diverse vendor base and an inclusive vendor process that strengthens our supply chain, which in turn, improves quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Supporting Veterans Initiatives

We continue our commitment to supporting returning men and women of the armed forces through our Praxis Analytica in Veterans Everyday (PAVE) strategy.